Dublin Haulier Seamus Ryan delivers grain every day from the farms to the mills. He is now facing new challenges in his work as the mills struggle to cope with the volume of deliveries.

Seamus used to do around three loads a day but this is now cut down to just one. The problem stems from the queues that exist with delivery trucks waiting overnight. Seamus has now taken to leaving his lorry in the queue throughout the night. For Seamus, this adds extra work and cost to deliver the grain. The wheat is now collected and left at the mill on the back of the lorry overnight.

It doesn't pay us during the day now to go out and load a load of wheat. We go out at night time and we have to bring our men with us.

Seamus believes that the mills can no longer cope with the volume of grain being supplied. 

This episode of 'On The Land' was broadcast on 30 September 1963. The reporter is Patrick Jennings.