'On The Land' explores the importance of the Irish draught mare and talks to breeders, owners and enthusiasts about this uniquely Irish horse.

Farm mechanisation has practically wiped out the use of working horses. According to the RTV Guide (now the RTÉ Guide)

These were big, strong draught mares with great bone and substance but without unduly hairy legs. They were active, not ponderous and were the foundation stock of the incomparable Irish hunter.

RTV Guide, 24 June 1966

Also referred to as the 'utility horse', the Irish draught mare is used as a means of transport, as a working horse and for breeding. One man interviewed says

The preservation of the Irish draught breed in the country is most essential...

This episode of 'On The Land' was broadcast on 28 June 1966.

On the Land' was a weekly programme for farmers broadcast from 1962 to 1971. Jack White, Head of Public Affairs, Teilifís Éireann, described the programme as follows.

Good cover of farming is a basic duty for a television network that serves an agricultural country. Teilifís Éireann is anxious to do its bit to make for a better life on the land.

RTV Guide, 9 February 1966