Horses have been kept in Ballyfermot for generations and are part of the landscape of the west Dublin suburb. However there are two sides to the debate whether it is a good thing or not.

Community worker Eddie Kershaw believes that horses keep young children out of trouble saying that the children have a lot of love to give and they express that love caring for their animals. According to Kershaw, keeping horses helps with the children's personal development as they learn horsemanship and show great ingenuity in stabling their horses in neat purpose-built accommodation in back gardens.

Orla Carey talks to Nationwide reporter Tom Kelly about her ability to care for five year old horse 'Juicy'.

Orla Carey

However not everyone feels so positive about keeping horses in this suburban environment. Michael Coleman from South Dublin County Council feels that it is highly in inappropriate and dangerous to house horses in unsuitable urban environments.

The episode of 'Nationwide' was broadcast on 15 April 1996.