How should farmers decide on which dairy cow is best for them?

'On The Land' shares some tips and advice on selecting the best dairy cow and looks at the criteria for selecting a good animal for purchase.

Factors in the selection process for breeding or culling include genetics and milk yield. Milk is weighed and a log is kept on the individual yield for each cow. 

Other factors influencing milk yield include the level of feeding and management; the age and health of the cows in the herd and a host of environmental conditions. However, milk yield is the over-riding factor in identifying how well a cow is performing. Working with cows which are high milk producers and good converters of food is the only sure basis of success.

This episode of 'On The Land' was broadcast on 21 February 1965.

'On the Land' was a weekly programme for farmers broadcast from 1962 to 1971. Jack White, Head of Public Affairs, Telifís Éireann, wrote "Good cover of farming is a basic duty for a television network that serves an agricultural country. Telifís Éireann is anxious to do its bit to make for a better life on the land." (RTV Guide, 9 February 1966. Vol.1, No.11, p.6)