A stuntman escapes serious injury while rehearsing with the Hell Drivers for their Irish tour.

The Hell Drivers stunt team comprised of six men and two women are internationally known for their escape sequence in the James Bond film 'Diamonds are Forever'. The team are touring Ireland and practising their stunts at Santry Stadium in Dublin.

Their list of daring feats includes cars driving on two wheels with stuntmen standing on the bonnets, while they crash through walls of fire. Another member of the team a rides motor cycle feature through an fire of burning planks.

During the practice run at Santry, stuntman Steve Ericson narrowly avoids breaking his back when he fails to reenter the window of a speeding car driving on two wheels.

His colleagues rush to the scene of the accident to provide help, as does Dublin City Councillor Joanna Barlow who is a member of St John Ambulance. Steve Ericson is fortunate to escape unscathed.

The Hell Drivers Irish tour begins in Drogheda and will also visit Dublin, Kilkenny, Thurles, Waterford. Wexford, Cork and Belfast.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 May 1978.