Director Roger Corman gives his reaction to a second plane crash during the making of the film ‘The Red Baron’ .

On 15 September 1970, stunt pilot Charles Boddington was killed when the plane he was flying crashed during filming. The following day, a second plane carrying pilot Lynn Garrison and actor Don Stroud crashed. In this interview Roger Corman, one of the first to arrive at the scene of the second crash, gives an account of what happened.

After hitting a bird and then some overhead wires, the plane crash-landed in the River Liffey. Stroud swam to shore but Garrison, who had hit his head off the wind-screen, was assisted to dry land. Lynn Garrison required 60 stitches to close a head wound but was otherwise unscathed.

With only incidental shots remaining to be filmed, and in the light of the recent tragedies, Roger Corman feels it would be best to stop flying at this point.

An RTÉ News report by Tom McCaughren broadcast on 16 September 1970.