Rosemary Smith competes with male drivers at the Donegal International Rally.

Both 'Motorways' presenters Paddy McClintock and Rosemary Smith took part in the 1980 Donegal International Rally.

A most amazingly spectacular woman is Rosemary Smith.

The favourite in her category, Rosemary Smith won the Ladies Award. Both drivers talk about what inspires them to race cars. Paddy McClintock says he is an enthusiastic amateur, which means

You gather up a car if you can. You gather up a co-driver if you can. Maybe you can pay the petrol bill for the weekend and possibly a few drinks as well and go out and have a good bit of sport. I think really that is what rallying is all about.

Rosemary Smith on the other hand, it has become an actual job and she loves every minute of it.

At this stage just before a rally begins I know I say to myself why am I here why am I rallying?...When you get going you go down the ramp the adrenaline is flowing you go out there and it is you and your car against maybe 160 other competitors. And the whole thing just makes you feel good and I go out to try to beat the men, obviously.

The 400-mile Donegal International Rally was won by Scotsman Jimmy McRae with co-driver Frank Maine.

This edition of 'Motorways' was broadcast on 19 June 1980.