Dermot Morgan meets a politician with an addiction to hearing his own voice.

In a parody of RTÉ Television's current affairs programme 'Today Tonight' reporter Dermot Morgan interviews a Séan a politician played by the actor Michael Redmond, about his addiction to hearing his own voice. To protect his anonymity, the politician is interviewed in silhouette.

Dermot Morgan is keen to find out how this addiction began,

Do you remember your first experience of ego-tripping?

The politician vividly recalls that it began when he saw a picture of himself in the paper.

It was just a great experience and I was in a kind of euphoria.

The problem escalated from there,

I had to get bigger and bigger pictures of myself in the newspapers.

Séan started to get photographed at receptions, the opening of schools and factories and while attending funerals.

The pictures he craved were 35mm shots, mainly black and white, but some colour photography was involved.

That was mainly heavy stuff some of the lads use when they were being featured.

Since this interview was recorded Séan’s addiction has declined further,

He’s become a fully elected member of Dáil Éireann, his speeches are longer and he’s in a constant hallucinogenic state whereby he believes he is, important.

'The Dermot Morgan Special' was broadcast on 3 June 1985.

It was originally scheduled for broadcast as 'Getting Morganised' in the autumn of 1984.