The thrill of learning to drive a racing car at Mondello Park in Kildare.

'Let's Go' presenter John Saunders gets some lessons in racing cars on the circuit at Mondello Park Race Track and hears the experience of one young driver.

Under the instruction of John Murphy, John Saunders takes his first lap of the track describing it as 

Absolutely incredible.

Young driver Patrick Moore who has been enrolled at the Mondello School of Motor Racing for around a year and a half. 

Once I sat in the racing car, I just could not get away from it then.

Studying motor management at Bolton Street Collect Patrick Moore's interest in motor racing is purely for fun and he has no interest in pursuing it as a career. He thinks motor racing drivers are safer public road motorists because they are more competent and aware of the limits of a car.

The driving school at Mondello was set up to help those with an interest in motor racing take part without having the expense of buying a car. 

'Let's Go' was broadcast on 21 November 1978. The reporter is John Saunders.

'Let's Go' was a miscellany of sports and leisure activities for young people.