A report on the modern farming methods used on the Mulligan farm in County Cavan.

In this extract from the series a look modern farming methods used on the Mulligan farm in Arva, Co. Cavan. Brothers Eddie and Danny Mulligan farm 42 acres of unfertile land. They keep cows and pigs and have increased their revenue by using modern farm management methods. Such methods include the construction of cattle walkways on the farm and the housing of sows. This report describes how they have increased their yields.

'Telefís Feirme' which means 'Farm Television' was an agricultural education series. 'Telefís Feirme' began broadcasting on 12 October 1965.

The first series offered 48 weekly programmes on farm education. Programmes were often watched by groups of farmers. Notes for the programmes were printed in the newspaper the Irish Farmers Journal. The Department of Agriculture paid for the rent of television sets for farming groups around the country.

An article in the RTV Guide 8 October 1965 set out details of the planned programmes and gave features on presenter Justin Keating and producer Sheamus Smith.