Ireland's oldest radical bookshop Connolly Books returns after renovations with a new theatre space.

The eight decades which Connolly Books has been in existence have never been quiet. The independent bookshop which has been at various locations in the capital during this time selling leftist, communist and radical publications as well as pamphlets, posters and flags. It has been attacked and burned down several times by various groups opposed to communism. In recent months the Connolly Books shop at East Essex Street in Dublin has undergone extensive renovations.

Connolly Books is now also home to The New Theatre which is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a production of 'Shadow of a Gunman’ by Seán O'Casey. It is keeping the Communist Party’s traditions alive, says director Ronan Wilmot,

A cultural aspect to the Communist Party, to what they represent.

It is a space where many people of similar interests will meet, believes shop manager Eugene McCartan,

The shop itself will become a focal point once again for left activists, people who care about the environment, people who care about social and living conditions, trade union people...

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 February 2007. The reporter is Sineád Crowley.