A visit to the divided city of Berlin.

'Sixty Five' reports from Berlin on the different lives by citizens in a city divided by the east west post war European border.

The cityscape shows high rise apartment buildings, well dressed Berliners, outdoor cafes and shops.

Construction of high rise apartment buildings on Karl Marx Allee formerly Stalin Allee is now under way. Production has increased in the east and the East Germany now claims to be the second most productive country in the Soviet bloc.

One of the most potent images for change in the whole of eastern Europe and no less in isolated East Germany are the feelings and desires of young people.

The report shows the changing of the guard taking place at the Neue Wache, a building which was a former guard house of Prussian kings and is now a monument to those killed by fascists.

Reporter John O'Donoghue visited five countries Poland, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia and East Germany in a look at Eastern Europe in 1965.

This edition of 'Sixty Five' was broadcast 21 October 1965. The reporter is John O'Donoghue.

'Sixty Five' was RTÉ's main current affairs programme covering domestic and international stories in 1965.