Young Irish people who are working in Munich, Germany.

Summer in Munich means tourists. During tourist season extra staff are needed and many of them are Irish. We meet a number of Irish people working in Munich who talk about difficulties of working as students, and the challenges of the language barrier.

Finbar Maloney from Limerick has been working in the Bayerischerhoe Hotel as a handyman for seven months. Siobhan Maloney from Youghal serving breakfast in the hotel arrived in January. Both are relatively long term employees and are happy in their work. Two sisters Margaret and Angela Dorgan from Cork are working as chambermaids. They are students working in Munich for the summer to earn fees for university.

Reporter Kieron Wood then visits Munich's only Irish pub and meets some of the young Irish living in Munich. They talk about settling into living in the city, and the effort involved in breaking away from the Irish group and meeting German people. 

An RTÉ News report by Kieron Wood broadcast on 11 July 1989.