A new Irish Heritage Centre opens on the site of a British Legion club in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester.

As Ireland's Minister for Foreign Affairs Peter Barry took a tour of the new centre, a small protest by four banner waving loyalists took place outside.

Valued at £500,000, the new Irish Heritage Centre was built without local government funding or official aid. The majority of funding came from the 150,000 strong Manchester Irish community and much of the construction was carried out on a voluntary basis.

For the 150,000 strong Manchester Irish community this was the realisation of a century old dream.

In attendance at the opening were Manchester Deputy Chief Constable John Stalker, Deputy Mayor of Manchester Eileen Kelly, Irish Ambassador Noel Dorr, local MPs and councillors from Britain and Ireland.

Following a welcoming performance by the club's pipe band, Minister Barry addressed the crowd commenting on how the Manchester Irish community could play an important role in improving relations between Britain and Ireland.

Irish people who have sought a home over here have brought with them to Manchester the richness of their Irish tradition and culture and in turn have been enriched by the exposure of the many different groups of the people of the greater Manchester area.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 2 November 1986. The reporter is Mike Burns.