Despite difficulties getting work and a place to live the number of Irish people coming to London from Ireland is at the highest level since the 1950s and increasing every year.

The long tradition of Irish emigration to London continues. However, it's not the land of milk and honey. Seán Ó Méalóid travels to London to find out more about what London has to offer the Irish and meets immigrants and people working in the front line services.

Declan Molloy of the 'Action Group for Irish Youth' describes the social profiles of the Irish in London

Fairly educated, have had a lot of resources pumped into them back in Ireland, have enought get up and go, if you like, to decide to do something about their life.

Immigrants Séamus Ó hUallacháin, Seosamh Ó Fallúin and Mícheál Ó Murchú describe their reasons for making the move to London.

Father Frank Ryan of Conway House in Kilburn says that immigrants are,

Cheesed off at home, hanging around, no work and no future either. So that's why they come over, to seek a future.

Father Bobby Gilmore Director of the Irish Chaplaincy Scheme sees immigration as the result of the recession in Ireland. 

Councillor Tom Devine, Chairman of the Employment Committee in Camden advises Irish people thinking of coming to London to find work and a place to live before they travel. London, like Ireland is experiencing recessionary trends with mass unemployment and a housing scarcity. 

Social conditions are worse than they have been at any time this century.

This episode of 'Cursaí' was broadcast on 2 December 1986. The reporter is Seán Ó Méalóid.