Plenty of work for young Irish people in Munich but finding accommodation in the city is challenging.

With hundreds of trains arriving at the main Munich railway station daily from all over Europe, many of the passengers are students from Ireland looking for summer work. 

The city is a mecca for tourists and the explosion of summer visitors means there's an urgent need for casual hotel and catering staff.

While finding a job is not difficult, finding a place to stay is more challenging. 

Many of those who arrive at the Hauptbahnhof in Munich get no further and end up staying there until they can earn enough money for a return ticket.  

Aengus de Burca from Sligo and Campbell Grant from Dublin spent two days looking for somewhere to stay and ended up busking in the Hauptbahnhof to get money for a ticket home. 

There's people earning a lot of money but they can't get anywhere to stay and they're all sleeping here in the station.

For Irish workers who manage to escape the Hauptbahnhof, one of the most popular destinations is the campsite at Thalkirchen. Some of the Irish staying at the campsite feel they are discriminated against. They believe there is an anti-Irish sentiment because so many young Irish people have come to Munich. 

If there's anybody thinking of coming out, I wouldn't. There's just too many here. I'd say if the Germans see any more Irish out here, they'll just ban us.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 July 1989. The reporter is Kieron Wood.