The MV Logos is a ship bringing a Christian message and mobile bookshop around the world.

The international mission movement, Operation Mobilisation operates the floating bookshop the ‘MV Logos’. The ship is berthed at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay in Dublin for a 19 day visit. Its primary function is to exhibit and sell books, 80% educational and 20% spiritual. The operation is funded from the sale of books and donations.

As a part of its international Christian outreach movement, the ship has visited over 300 ports in 71 countries. The crew and staff of the ships are all volunteers and they normally join the organisation to live and work on board for a two year contract. The ‘MV Logos’ crew includes a number of families with small children. 

Alcohol, smoking and bad language are forbidden on board and living on a ship for two years with 140 people from 23 countries can be a challenge. However Rob, a volunteer from England finds their differences can be overcome through faith in Christ and mutual acceptance.

Love seems to cover our differences.

Another volunteer says she works on the ship out of gratitude for God’s love. When his tenure on the ship is over, a volunteer from Spain plans to return home to spread the word about Jesus, so others may have a personal relationship with him.

Any suggestion that the multi-denominational ship is a floating cult is dismissed with a smile, they prefer to be regarded as a mini United Nations.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 April 1984. The reporter is Mary Fanning.