A look at trade unionism in Ireland in 1964.

In 1964 the programme 'Sixty Four' examined various aspects of Irish life.  This episode looked at the growing importance of collective action in the industrial age. Workers no longer acted as individuals putting their strength and bargaining power into collective action through trade unions in an effort to improve working conditions and pay for all.

90 trade unions in 32 counties ranging from large unions for general workers to more craft unions for those with specialised skills. 

In this excerpt from the programme John O'Donoghue speaks to two union representatives to get their views on place of the union movement in Irish society.

James Larkin of the General Secretary of the Workers Union of Ireland, comments on the mutiplicity of the trade union movement and its effectiveness for general workers and craft workers alike.

Kay MacDowell, General Secretary of the Irish Women Workers Union discusses her reservations about trade union amalgamation.  

'Sixty Four' was a current affairs programme broadcast once a week. The programme covered major news topics from at home and abroad. Each programme was 30 minutes duration and mixed studio discussion with film reports.

This episode of 'Sixty Four' was broadcast on 26 November 1964.