A profile of Michael O'Riordan, also known as 'The Red O'Riordan' Secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland.

In 1954 Catholic voters in Dublin were told from the pulpit not to vote for The Red O'Riordan.

The Catholic Church denounced anyone who voted for the Communist Party as having committed a mortal sin.

Michael O'Riordan was born just four days after the Russian revolution of November 1917 and is now the leader of the Communist Party of Ireland.

In this episode of 'Report' O'Riordan talks about what it means to be a communist in Ireland, the party policies, growing up in Cork, fighting in the Spanish Civil War, his connections with the Republican movement and the 'Red O'Riordan' scare.

O'Riordan describes communism as a science and a human philosophy.

I think communism is primarily concerned with people. That's why we are concerned with the aim of abolishing poverty which is probably the most degrading element in sort of dehumanising human beings and in every way trying to sort of uplift the dignity of man in society by the creation of a just social system. And of course to this means the ending of capitalism.

'Report: Don't Vote For Red O Riordan', presented by Patrick Gallagher, was broadcast on 11 November 1971.

Michael O'Riordan was also filmed by RTÉ canvassing for the 1973 General Election.