School children give their views on politicians and what they think our elected representatives actually do.

Twink (Adele King) asks school children what they know about our members of parliament. What is a TD and what is it they do?

From television and telephone directors to the disease of brucellosis, views are wide and varied, accurate and inaccurate.

One girl describes a TD as

...A man who's in the Dáil and he's trying to get to be the President.

Another says

They spend a lot of money on posters... and they go around wasting petrol in vans and making empty promises.

On the qualities required to be a TD one girl comments

You'd have to have personality... and a liking of people in general and a love of your work... and at least some intelligence.

Twink also asks the children if they know of any difference between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.
One boy responds

One of them is a communist party. Fine Gael I think it is...

Another girl describes them as

Two different companies

while another thinks it is all

A load of rubbish

This episode of 'The Live Mike' was broadcast on 23 January 1981.

‘The Live Mike’ ran on RTÉ between 1979 and 1983 and combined music, comedy sketches and studio guests.