On the morning of the election of a new Taoiseach, several deputies attended a special mass at the Pro-Cathedral in Dublin. With the issue of who would form the next government still in doubt, a number of deputies offered their opinions.

Liam O Muirthile meets some of the politicians outside a special mass in the Pro Cathedral. Sean Dublin Bay Loftus says he will take up the position of Ceann Comhairle, "only if it's in the national interest....there's a hung Dáil situation".

Michael D. Higgins,

If I may be humorous about it there's always something about the opening of Leinster House which is something akin to a hotel atmosphere before an all-Ireland final. When Fianna Fáil are doing well it gets pretty exuberant like paper hats almost...when the other parties come in it's a bit more restrained.

Joe Sherlock is asked about being instructed to vote a certain way by his party Sinn Fein the Workers Party.

Ivan Yates, who, at the age of 21, was attending the Dáil as the youngest-ever TD elected says it is

A very exciting time, first day in the Dáil delighted with the result of the election.

He's asked if it's like being at school for the first time. Yates replies,

Yes there are similarities...but it's more exciting and more important I think.

The reporter tries to get a few words from Haughey who replies in Irish that he's not able to talk at the moment. Ó Muirthile also gets comments from Michael O Leary.

Garret Fitzgerald is asked what's uppermost in his mind at that moment. He says the economy. He's also asked if he's confident that he'll be taoiseach to which he replies, "We'll know at 4 o'clock or thereabouts".