Hundreds turn up at the Irish Film Centre hoping to be an extra in a film based on the life of Veronica Guerin.

A new feature film on the life of crime reporter Veronica Guerin is being directed by Joe Schumacher. The film starring actress Cate Blanchett in the lead role will begin shooting in Dublin in March 2002. It is the second feature film about the journalist who was shot dead in June 1996. 'When the Sky Fall' starring Joan Allen as Veronica Guerin was released in 2000.

The makers of the new Veronica Guerin film are looking for extras for paid work. Hundreds of hopefuls queue up at the Irish Film Centre (IFC) to attend an open photo call. Each person has their own reason for being there; some love the cinema, other need the money. One woman is attending because,

I had great respect for Veronica Guerin, I think she’s a great writer and reporter, just out of respect to her as well.

Those selected as extras may be called to work for one day, or the work may be spread over more days during the period of production. Payment is €71 for an 11 hour shift.

As thousands of people are needed, there is a chance that everyone attending the photo call will get work at some point during the filming. A second photo call will be taking place in the IFC on 12 February 2002.

Originally called ‘Chasing the Dragon’ Joe Schumacher’s biographical crime film was released in 2003 as ‘Veronica Guerin’.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 February 2002. The reporter is Dympna Moroney.