Sunday Independent reporter Veronica Guerin on why she feels compelled to compromise her own safety in an attempt to expose Dublin's drug and gang culture.

Months after being shot in the leg by a gunman, crime reporter for the Sunday Independent Veronica Guerin speaks about organised crime in Dublin. 

She recounts an incident in which a former League of Ireland footballer Derek Dunne seriously assaulted the nephew of Gerry Hutch known as `the Monk'. Both sides have since come to an agreement, resolving the issue between themselves.

Veronica Guerin does not feel An Garda Síochána has sufficient powers,

Everything favours the criminal in this society.

She would like to see an overall review of the complete judicial system and says education and the provision of alternatives to crime are needed in city centres.

Most people are born into a society where nothing else is available to them but crime.

Veronica Guerin's views have hardened since she began reporting on crime. She is aware of how vulnerable she is as an investigative journalist, but she is determined to continue her work even when threatened.

I’m a crime reporter and I’m going to keep on doing it.

She has considered doing a different job but crime reporting is something she must pursue.

The extent of crime in Dublin city in particular is just alarming, and that the inability of the guards, because of the legislation to really do anything about it, or to properly address it has to be publicised.

Veronica Guerin says all crime reporters are targets, but their work is important as it forces politicians to address the issues raised. She suspects she knows who took out the hit on her and her admits that her lifestyle has changed since the attack.

I’m more appreciative of what I’ve got.

This episode of 'Kenny Live’ was broadcast on 3 June 1995. The presenter is Pat Kenny.