A gunman shot Veronica Guerin one of the country's leading investigative journalists at her home.

The attack took place at the home of Veronica Guerin in north County Dublin. A man wearing motorcycle clothing called to her door, pointed a gun at her head, lowered his aim and shot her in the leg. 

This is the second time that Veronica Guerin has suffered a violent assault. Last October a shot was fired into the living room of her house. The attack was presumed to be, 

A warning from a crime gang not to push her investigations too far.

In recent months Veronica Guerin has been conducting extensive investigations into organised crime in Dublin for the Sunday Independent newspaper. 

The subject of her most recent probe relates to the man Gardaí suspected of masterminding last week’s three million pound robbery at the Brinks Allied cash depository in Dublin. During a recent interview on RTÉ radio she described him as,

A very very cold individual.

The man who carried out the shooting is described as stocky in build and about five feet four inches tall. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 January 1995. The reporter is Sean Whelan.