The murder of Veronica Guerin sent shockwaves throughout the world of journalism, not just at home in Ireland but internationally.

A meausure of Veronica Guerin's reputation as an investigative reporter that her murder in Dublin yesterday has shocked colleagues not just in this country but around the world.

Earlier in 1996 she was presented with the prestigious International Press Freedom Award by the New York based Committee To Protect Journalists. Nominated by fellow journalist Fiona Dunne, she was the first European journalist to be put forward for the award which was given in recognition of the value of Veronica's work internationally.

Fiona Dunne talks to Bryan Dobson by telephone from the US and expresses her shock at the news of the killing of the Irish journalist. Since Veronica's death Fiona Dunne has heard many messages of concern over the safety of journalists. Dunne adds Veronica Guerin was given the award for her,  

Consistent refusal to allow criminals dictate the news

and goes on to describe her assassination as a form of censorship.

A 'Morning Ireland' report by Bryan Dobson broadcast on 27 June 1996.