Actor Mick Lally talks about his latest theatre role and combining television and stage work.

Currently in the lead role in 'The Year of the Hiker' in the Gaeity Theatre, Mick Lally creates a memorable entrance by arriving onto 'The Late Late Show' set still wearing his theatrical makeup and costume.

John B Keane’s play centres around the Hiker Lacy, who abandoned his family many years previously, but who makes a return on a significant day in their lives. He is a character that Mick Lally himself would be aware of in the west of Ireland, 

Men do just go off and leave the family and literally more or less disappear and then maybe when they get a bit old a bit feeble or they decide to come back again.

The Hiker Lacy does not get a warm welcome, as shown in a scene from the play, where emotions are high and son Simey [played by Dara Kelly] and Joe [Brendan Gleeson] clash over how they will deal with their father. 

A busy man these days, Mick Lally considers himself fortunate to be able to combine acting in the RTÉ soap opera ‘Glenroe’ as well as his beloved stage work, even though the days are long, 

One can manage always grab the opportunity, and I think most actors feel like that anyway.

This episode of The Late Late Show was broadcast on 22 February 1991. The presenter is Gay Byrne.