Brendan Gleeson depicts the lonely life of a musician in 'The Double Bass' at Andrews Lane Theatre.

Brendan Gleeson brings the internal ramblings of a double bass player to the stage in a one man one act play written by Patrick Süskind. Director Máire O'Higgins think people will get a lot from it, 

Braitheann sé an-scoite amach ó gach duine eile...déanann sé iarracht an fhadhb seo a réiteach.

A play like this will certainly test the mettle of any director and actor, but having worked with Brendan Gleeson on The Passion Machine’s 'War’ The Máire O'Higgins knew that it could be done, and is happy with the result,

Tá sé an-sásúil nuair atá an bheirt againn ann.

Having adopted various regional accents for previous theatre roles, Brendan Gleeson did not find a German accent very difficult. Having met many Germans at fleánna ceoil (traditional music festivals) around the country over the years helped. 

Given the particularly Teutonic character of the double bass player, it was not just a straightforward case of a German accent for a play by a German writer, 

Níorbh fhéidir é a chur isteach i gcomhthéacs Éireannach...bhí sé níos fearr dúinn an blas Gearmánach a chothú.

Many will have enjoyed Brendan Gleeson’s more comedic stage roles he enjoys the challenge of a role like this. 

Tá sé difriúil, sin an fáth gur aisteoir mé.

When The Double Bass finishes Brendan Gleeson will swap the stage for the screen for a while, as some film and television work are next on the cards. 

This episode of ‘Cúrsaí’ was broadcast on 2 February 1990. The reporter is Cynthia Ní Mhurchú.