A play about the dichotomy of marriage for women, a choice between career and family. Reporter Siobhan Cleary meets the first-time playwright Nell McCafferty, actor Ruth McCabe and director Gillian Hackett during rehearsals.

Following a request from David McKenna, the former editor of 'In Dublin' magazine, Nell decided to write her first play. Nell had worked as a columnist for the magazine and found that she was able to write a lot more frankly than she normally could in newspapers, or on television or radio. David felt that Nell had more to say that she couldn't say in print and encouraged her to put these ideas down through drama on the stage which resulted in this one-woman play. While Nell feels that the play allowed her the freedom to say what she wanted, she also feels that the play may require a sequel. 

'The Worm In The Heart' begins with a woman on the eve of her wedding who has doubts about what she is about to do. As Nell puts it,

Why settle for marriage and motherhood when there are other jobs to be done.

While all her instincts tell her that marriage is not right for her, her body and her history tell that it's right because she is in love. 

She's just like every other woman in the world.

Actor Ruth McCabe brings this character to life on the stage and Nell is more than complimentary about her depiction.

You can't keep a good woman down.

Speaking about the character, Ruth describes her as 

Every woman... It's all of us here and now in this country particularly.

The play was first performed at the Project Theatre on 23 March 1987.
This episode of 'Evening Extra' was broadcast on 20 March 1987.