TV GAGA looks at the new play from Passion Machine, 'Wasters'.

'Wasters' is written and directed by Paul Mercier. The play tells the story of six young people who reunite after a period of time apart set in  

A derelict urban wasteland.

TV GAGA attends a rehearsal to catch some of the action and meets some of those involved in the production. 

The cast includes Brendan Gleeson, Ger Ryan, Joe Savino, Anto Nolan, Charlotte Bradley and Bríd McCarthy. Paul Mercier describes the basic premise of the play. John Sutton, producer, describes the style of the production and the acting as

High energy... verging almost on a comic, manic level. 

'TV Gaga' ran for two series in 1985 and 1986. Aimed at an audience aged 18 to 30s each programme was presented with a live studio audience and contained a mixture of film reports, live music, and studio discussion.

The report and discussion here is from programme two in the second series of 'TV Gaga and was broadcast on 28 November 1985.