In his bar in Listowel playwright John B Keane talks to 'Ireland's Eye' about the best and worst kinds of drinkers.

The best sort of customer is the man who knows the value and potency of drink. He enjoys himself and goes home quietly. John B Keane is no fan of the drunken man describing him as

A nuisance...a messer and a spoiler.

Any experienced publican can tell whether or not the man who enters his premises is 'a blaggard'. John B Keane then relates an anecdote about a fellow Listowel publican, whose Kerry blue terrier Bonzo alerted him to any such man attempting to enter his pub.

My general advice to any fellow starting off in the public house business is this: do not under any circumstances tolerate profane language.

The landlord must keep a firm reign on this sort of behaviour, or else life in the public house will be hell. A happy pub is one full of laughter and fun and where men drink to moderation.

‘Ireland’s Eye’ broadcast on 21 November 1980. The reporter is Pat Butler.