From his pub in Co. Kerry, playwright John B. Keane talks to Hall's Pictorial Weekly's Frank Hall about a local dog who he claims is a better weather forecaster than anyone in RTÉ.

The dog crosses the road when it is going to rain and back again when it stops. Keane also makes allegations about the dog being kidnapped by RTÉ Weatherman Seamus Miller.

This episode of Hall's Pictorial Weekly was broadcast on 24 January 1974.

Frank Hall's amusing and satirical series began in 1971 with the full title 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly Incorporating the Provincial Vindicator'. It became known as 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly'. The series allowed Frank Hall to follow his own interest in lives of viewers throughout the country.

Writing in the RTÉ Guide Hall said,

Ideally, it seems to me, the form and content of 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly' should be impossible to forecast until the last possible moment. It should be as varied and as absorbing as life itself.