Kerry playwright and writer, John B Keane on Listowel Writers' Week, drink and illness.

Writer, John B Keane is looking forward to bringing Writers' Week to Listowel in County Kerry for the 25th year.

It's a celebration of writing.

That said, the week also requires endurance as it involves plenty of drinking, and can be rather rowdy.

There are many kinds of debauchery there is mental debauchery as well as physical debauchery and any fella skilled in the arts of seduction will do well in Listowel.

John B Keane was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 1994 but was successfully operated upon. He laments having to give up whiskey since his operation, but knows he was lucky to survive his health scare.

Very lucky, deservedly so I'd say because I'm that kind of a fellow who deserves it.

Seemingly well meaning individuals now approach John B Keane to enquire after his health. However once they have the writer’s attention they take the opportunity to reveal the gruesome details of their own particular illnesses and operations.

John B Keane goes to comedic lengths to avoid such people, and his efforts have seen him take refuge in public toilets and the local graveyard.

Seated beside John B Keane on 'The Late Late Show’ set is fellow guest and Member of the European Parliament for the South constituency Brian Crowley.

This episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ was broadcast on 3 March 1995. The presenter is Gay Byrne.