Musician and Dublin man Jim MCann takes a stroll along the River Liffey.

In the RTÉ Television series 'My Ireland', well-known singers present an aspect of Ireland with which they are associated. The fifth episode in the series entitled 'Anna Liffey' features the folk singer Jim McCann following the course of the River Liffey from Wicklow to Dublin Bay while singing some of his songs.

The songs are popular folk numbers including 'Down by the Glenside', ‘The Foggy Dew’, ‘Jug of Punch’, ‘Finnegan's Wake’, ‘Easy and Slow’ and in this extract ‘Down by the Liffeyside’ by songwriter Peadar Kearney.

Jim McCann visits Dublin city centre landmarks such as O’Connell Bridge, Liberty Hall and The Custom House noting,

Like all cities changes in life and values are reflected in building styles, but there’s no changing the Liffey.

From the Liffey Bridge more commonly known as the Ha'penny Bridge, Jim McCann describes the time when young men would pay the required halfpenny toll to cross the bridge to Bachelor’s Walk to meet prospective dates.The toll ceased in 1919 and it has been free to cross to the bridge ever since.

Jim McCann rendezvous with a woman on O’Connell Bridge and together they visit some of the sights along the course of the Liffey as it flows towards its estuary. These include Merchant’s Arch in Temple Bar, the Great South Wall, Sir John Rogerson's Quay and the Immaculate Heart Of Mary Church on City Quay.

This episode of ‘My Ireland’ was broadcast on 6 February 1981. The series producer is Ian McGarry and the musical director is Bill Whelan.