Shakespeare with a twist when the Graffiti Drama Group bring their version of 'Othello' to Cork schools.

The Graffiti Theatre Company are behind a new approach to education. Formed last year, they are funded by a grant from the Youth Employment Agency. The actors who prior to this had been unemployed, are now bringing drama to schools in County Cork. 

Many a student will have struggled with Shakespeare, but the fifth years of the Presentation Convent Crosshaven received insights into the 'Othello; tragedy about jealousy and deception.  

Graffiti’s approach means that the actors discuss the play with students after each performance, and answer questions such as why the play is set in the future? One of the reasons is that themes and devices such as Shakespeare’s the code of chivalry is also found in modern cinema,    

A code of honour and glory that men must adhere to, will find that epic in science fiction movies...

Professional educational drama is a growing area, says Jim O’Shea, 

There are many groups like this in Britain and across the continent as well.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 April 1985. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.