UCG students take Shakespeare on to the streets of Galway.

Members of the University College Galway (UCG) Drama Society performing Shakespeare on the streets of Galway. About forty members of the student acting troupe (including Frankie McCafferty) are taking part in a twenty-four-hour fundraising drive performing twelve full-length Shakespeare plays. During daylight, the performances will take place at Eyre Square and at night will move indoors. 

The group is hoping to raise around £800 to fund a trip to Belfast and in doing so put a bit of fun back into these Shakespearian masterpieces. 

Eamon Killeen explains the objective of the event.

We're here basically to make fools of ourselves, to get attention.

Lorna Finnegan continues,

There's a great sense of exhibitionism among the whole society and as you can see we're all out here dressed like absolute idiots, but it's what we love doing.

Lorna describes how in Shakespeare's time the acting took place on the streets, and not in theatres, and the Galway Drama Society are bringing it back to its roots. In addition, Shakespeare had never intended his work to be part of an exam like the Leaving Certificate.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 February 1988. The reporter is Jim Fahy.