The newly formed Irish Theatre Company prepares to take its first production to places in Ireland where theatre has never been.

Rehearsals for Dion Boucicault’s comedy ‘Out of Town’ are underway ahead of the Irish Theatre Company’s debut at the Cork Opera House.

The Irish Theatre Company was formed by Equity, Theatre Management Companies and the government who are providing the financial backing. Their first production is ‘Out of Town’ directed by Ray McAnally who describes it as a hilarious comedy.

It’s high comedy. It’s got to be played with immense discipline and it’s the sort of thing you couldn’t do with inexperienced actors. You’ve got to have people who really know the job, who know exactly what they’re doing.

Doreen Hepburn as Lady Gay Spanker, Godfrey Quigley as Sir Harcourt Courtly and Derry Power as Mr "Dolly" Spanker in rehearsals with director Ray McAnally.

The show opens in Cork before moving on to Wexford, Limerick and Dublin. There are four plays in total for this season and the Irish Theatre Company plans to bring them to parts of Ireland that touring companies have not been before.

Doreen Hepburn is looking forward to the challenge of taking the shows on the road.

We’re really delighted at the challenge to take so many plays into so many places that personally, I feel, have not been well attended to by touring companies.

For Derry Power, the establishment of the Irish Theatre Company with financial backing from the government means that they have the freedom to demonstrate what good professional theatre is all about.

This episode of ‘Over the Barricades’ was broadcast on 24 February 1975.