Despite a strong tradition of theatre in Trim, County Meath, audience numbers are dwindling.

Members of the Trim Amateur Group Players are in rehearsals for the play 'The Pride of the O'Grady's'.

Director of the production Charles Woods speaks about the disappointment when so few people showed up for their performances.

One night, in fact, we had only two. Another night we had four. The biggest we had I think was about sixteen.

The small audiences could be down to timing and the fuel cuts limiting people's ability to travel to see productions.

In previous years, the audience numbers were much better and Charles Woods describes the people of Trim as real theatre-goers. 

This episode of 'Tangents' was broadcast on 31 January 1974. 

A miscellany of events, entertainment, opinions and personalities, 'Tangents' was first aired on Monday 25 September 1972 and ran until 1974. Tangents was presented by Cathal O'Shannon and Doireann Ní Bhriain on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and by John O'Donoghue each Tuesday.