Island Theatre Company aims to produce drama for a Limerick audience.

Limerick's Island Theatre is located in a church in the city's historic King's Island. In 1988 the group was established as the only professional theatre group in the city. 

Their aim to tell Limerick stories to a Limerick audience.

The focus has been on developing actors, writers, technicians and designers from Limerick. In keeping with this tradition, they have premiered the work of Limerick writers such as Kate O'Brien's 'The Ante Room'.

Like most arts groups, it's a struggle to keep going especially when faced with cuts in funding. As a means of earning extra income, the group has had to diversify. This year they will premiere two plays about Limerick as well as initiate a new project aimed at students. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 March 1998. The reporter is Cathy Halloran.