It may look like a ship but the Compass Rose Hotel is planted on terra firma.

Commander Michael Sweeney is the landlord of the Compass Rose Hotel in Crosshaven, County Cork. Having spent many years as a commander at sea, Commander Sweeney has set up a ship themed hotel where the rooms are referred to as cabins, the floor as the deck and the guests as passengers.

We talk entirely in terms of nautical language.

The hotel is like a nautical museum paying homage to Ireland's seafaring past.

Frank Hall goes on board the Compass Rose to find out more from Michael Sweeney about his thinking behind this unusual undertaking. 

Everything here is classified as cabins. All my guests are classified as passengers and everything is worked purely on the nautical line. If somebody is going out we don't talk about they are going out we talk they are going ashore.  

This episode of 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly' was presented by Frank Hall and broadcast on 27 October 1971.