Can Dustin the Turkey convince Barbara McMahon to stop line dancing?

Barbara McMahon investigates line dancing, the latest craze to hit Ireland and gets herself kitted out in the height of line dancing fashion.

Barbara is planning to visit the pub 'Break for the Border' to learn some dance steps with instructor Skip Jenkins who dances with troupe ‘Step in Line’.  But before she takes the plunge, Barbara visits ‘The Den’ to get some advice from Dustin the Turkey and Ray D’Arcy.

As Dustin is President of the SOLD: Stamp Out Line Dancing, he is not best placed to encourage Barbara with her new hobby. Dustin has upset so many line dancers around the country that Barbara announces a new campaign to counteract SOLD. 

You’ve got SOLD, this has got SOD: Stamp Out Dustin.

Dustin begs viewers not to start line dancing and to stand firm. He and Ray both advise Barbara,

Don’t do it!

But Barbara decides she has come too far no to give line dancing a go and she decides to ignore their warning.

This episode of ’Head to Toe′ was broadcast on 7 March 1995. The reporter is Barbara McMahon.