President Mary Robinson replies to allegations that she has smelly feet.

On 7 November 1990, the people of Ireland voted and Mary Robinson became the first woman President of Ireland. Just weeks later and ahead of her formal inauguration Mrs Robinson paid a visit to Zig and Zag, Dustin, and Ray D'Arcy on The Den.

During the election campaign, Dustin had said that Mary Robinson had smelly feet. Ireland's first female president denies this allegation and calls Dustin - Justin. Mary Robinson talks to them about her family, her plans to move into "the big house", and all the cards and letters she received from children when she became President. After showing some of the cards, Mary talks about how she will spend Christmas and her hopes for her time in office.

Zig asks the President

How come you're President?...There's only ever been men Presidents before.

In response President Robinson says

They thought a woman couldn't stand for President, but we put that right.

She also points out that Dustin only got 2% of the vote.

This episode of 'The Den' was broadcast on 27 November 1990. The presenter is Ray D'Arcy.