Will there be a Valentine's Day date for 'The Den' presenter Francis Boylan?

Francis Boylan presenter of 'The Den' finds himself tongue tied whenever he is around 'Off the Rails' presenter Pamela Flood. 

Over a cup of tea he pours his heart out to Dustin the Turkey, but does not realise Dustin has been making arrangements of his own with Pamela.

Soky is worried that Dustin is planning to take Pamela out on a Valentine's Day date behind Francis' back. But things are not as they seem. Dustin and Pamela have each bought a pair of cinema tickets so Francis and Soky can also go on the date. 

Francis is relieved to discover he had not been double-crossed and Dustin adds,

I knew you'd need my help trying to get a date with a beautiful girl like Pamela Flood.

With a Valentine's disaster averted, love could well be in the air.

This episode of ‘The Den’ was broadcast on 13 February 2004.