Dustin the Turkey sets Twink the task of selecting this weeks thing to do before you are ten for under a tenner.

As animal sanctuaries are full of pets that need exercise, and the sanctuaries are always under-staffed, Twink suggests taking a dog for a walk.

I have a profound love of animals. I have eight dogs, umpteen cats, umpteen birds, donkeys. You name it we have it.

Twink sends Eoin, Derbhla, Jane, Anthony and Rachels to P.A.W.S Animal Sanctuary in county Kildare. There they meet Shrimp, Ben and Pawny, and take them for a walk around Sallins. Gina from P.A.W.S. gives the children a lesson in animal care and explains the work that they do in looking after the animals. 

All the children give dog walking 10 out of 10 in their list of ten things to do before you're ten for under a tenner.

This episode of 'Dustin's Daily News' was broadcast on 22 March 2006.