Field Day Theatre Company Derry rehearse productions of a French comedy and a Greek tragedy.

Field Day Theatre Company was founded in Derry in 1980 by Brian Friel and Stephen Rea. Rehearsals are underway with nine actors for performances of two one act plays, 'High Time' a comedy by Derek Mahon, and 'The Riot Act' a tragedy by Tom Paulin. 

Veronica Quilligan and Stephen Rea play the leads in 'High Time' and Rea is also directing 'The Riot Act'. 

Field Day Theatre Company takes international plays in foreign languages and translates them to English for Irish audiences.  

Both 'High Time' and 'The Riot Act' are using written immediate, direct language which Stephen Rea believes is accessible to everybody in Ireland.  

High Time is an interpretation of 'The School for Husbands' by Molière. Directed by Mark Long and Emil Wolk, who use an improvised style which is faithful to the original. 

Tom Paulin's 'Riot Act' is the tragic Greek tale of Antigone and her fight against a repressive establishment. The play is spoken in the current language familiar to Northern Ireland and has a resonance for people in Ireland.

There's no question that the play has a modern relevance to probably any country.

Both plays will be taken on the road throughout Ireland. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 September 1984. The reporter is Póilín Ní Chiaráin.