Described as the highlight of the 1980 Dublin Theatre Festival, Brian Friel's 'Translations' has opened at the Gate Theatre Dublin. The play has been hailed by critics and audiences alike.

Set in an agricultural village in Donegal, Friel's play deals with issues of communication and language, as well as Irish history. The play explores the romance between an English speaking soldier and the Irish speaking Máire, neither of whom can understand what the other is saying. 

Friel describes how language can have different meanings for different people. 

Words like loyalty, treason, patriotism, republicanism, homeland

In this report for Today Tonight Brian Friel speaks to reporter Mary McAleese about the play.

The play was produced by the Field Day Theatre Company and the cast included Mick Lally, Roy Hanlon, Nuala Hayes, Liam Neeson, Ann Hasson, Brenda Scallon, Stephen Rae and Shaun Scott.

A Today Tonight report by Mary McAleese broadcast on 7 October 1980.