'I Can't I Can't' screens at the Cork Film in face of call from bishop to withdraw the film over scenes of nudity and the subject of contraception.

'I Can't - I Can't' was made at Ardmore Studios in Bray County Wicklow and tells the story of a newly married Irish Catholic girl Mady O'Reilly, played by Tessa Wyatt, and her refusal to consummate her marriage to Joe O'Reilly, played by Dennis Waterman, over fears of sex and pregnancy. 

Bishop of Cork, Most Rev Dr Cornelius Lucey, criticised the Cork Film Festival authorities over the screening of the film at the opening night. While he had not seen the film, the bishop had written to the Cork Film Festival requesting that they withdraw the film over reports that it contained nude or semi nude scenes and covered controversial subject matters.

Do you think that it could be described as an objectionable, sexy film?

Dermot Breen Director of the Cork Film Festival spoke to reporter Kevin O'Kelly about the church's reaction to the film. He defends the film saying that while it may have dealt with sex, there was nothing objectionable about it.

It's not what is accepted as a sexy film. 

Reverend John Burke, head of the Catholic Film Institute of England was also critical of the film which he claimed was "knocking" the church at every opportunity. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 September 1969. The reporter is Kevin O'Kelly.