Underground cellars in a Dublin Georgian street are causing a row between residents and Dublin Corporation.

The row between the Henrietta Street Preservation Society and Dublin Corporation began in 1992 when two 18th century cellars caved in while the street was being repaved with granite cobbles. 

Concerned with safety on Henrietta Street, the finest Georgian street of its era in Dublin, Dublin Corporation began to fill in a number of the cellars with tonnes of mass concrete.

Dublin Corporation has stopped filling in further cellars so the National Heritage Council can carry out an investigation. However the Henrietta Street Preservation Society is adamant rather than being filled in, the basements should have been preserved from the outset.

Henrietta Street resident and member of the Preservation Society Ian Lumley is annoyed that Dublin Corporation commenced work,

Without taking adequate measures to protect the very extensive coal cellars which run under the footpaths and partially along the street.

While the dispute continues, work on Henrietta Street remains unfinished. Sister Ita, vice-principal of the Daughters of Charity nursery school on Henrietta Street is keen to see the work completed. In its current state she considers Henrietta Street is dangerous and unhygienic for children.

The Henrietta Street Preservation Society want to meet with Dublin Corporation to resolve the ongoing row.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 May 1994. The reporter is Paul Reynolds.