Michael and Aileen Casey are undertaking the restoration of their home in Henrietta Street, Dublin. With very little money and great care the Caseys are trying to recapture the 18th century look of the house even foregoing many modern conveniences.

'Arts Express' visited the Casey home to see the work to date and to hear what it is like to live in a home that is undergoing restoration.

Presenter Mike Murphy introduces a report on Michael and Aileen Casey's restoration of their home in Henrietta Street, Dublin. The introduction includes a short extract from the television drama 'Strumpet City' showing Rashers Tierney (David Kelly) leaving a house on Henrietta Street.

The report features interviews with Aileen and Michael Casey intercut with various views of the exterior and interior of the house. The Caseys talk about buying the house and how it had been subdivided into twenty different lettings. They describe stripping it back to the orignal features.

Michael Casey explains the history of this type of house and their hope to restore the house as accurately as it can be restored. For the Caseys the house will never be a showpiece it is a family home first. Living in the house is the main aim of the restoration.

The Caseys have chosen to live in the house as the restoration is ongoing. As a family they live simply to keep running costs down. Aileen Casey describes the influence living in the house has had on her four sons. They don't like overheated small spaces. They have a television but choose what they watch. There is a special atmosphere in the house.

There have been problems but Michael Casey remains optimistic about the project and gets great pleasure from living there. Aileen Casey talks about the different reaction people have to them living in the house as it is being restored.