Luke Kelly talks about the success and longevity of The Dubliners a band that has been together for ten years.

Luke Kelly describes The Dubliners as a family where the relationships between the members vary from day to day. 

Somebody's your favourite today. Tomorrow he's your greatest enemy.

When the band isn't working, they do not see each other. They live in different parts of the city and have different interests.  

Ronnie is keen on horses, Barney is mad on boats and I play a little bit of golf.

He describes John Sheehan as more of a home bird who enjoys domestic jobs but he is also a fiddle player, a whistle player, a mandolin player, a mechanic, and a trained electrician. 

As a group, Luke Kelly feels that The Dubliners have become too set in their ways something he would like to see change. However, they are reluctant to change. 

The Dubliners are about more than just music and are working on play in London, Richard's Cork Leg based on the book by Brendan Behan. While Luke enjoys acting, his ambitions are in the field of music. 

'All The Wild Sweetness' was broadcast on 10 September 1972. 

'All The Wild Sweetness' was a series of stories in words and music of the most popular singers and groups of the traditional and ballad revival of the 1960s. These included The Chieftains, Ruth Bean Ui Riada, Wolfe Tones, Clancy Brothers, Horslips, Planxty among others. 

The programme was produced by Gene Martin.