Dublin Bus fits security screens on buses after an increase in the number of attacks on drivers.

Dublin Bus is to introduce protective screens on all its buses operating on high risk routes or at night in the city. The screens are being introduced to protect drivers from attack.

Dublin Bus say they're seriously concerned about the number of attacks on their drivers.

In 1993, eighty drivers were robbed and a further eight four were assaulted.  

Driver Paul Kierwan spent six months out of work following a violent attack by two men. He was forced to hand over the takings and his own personal belongings. 

In response to the rising the number of attacks, Dublin Bus has announced that it is fitting four hundred buses with a protective screen and upgrading their video surveillance system. 

Bob Montgomery of Dublin Bus says the screens are the most effective way of eliminating assaults on bus drivers. 

The single thing that we can do to protect the safety of our drivers is to provide screens.

Not all the drivers are convinced that the new security measures will work. Paul Kierwan believes that the only way to prevent attacks is to have cashless buses. However, Dublin Bus say that cashless buses are not an option at this stage and that they want to protect people, not cash.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 January 1994. The reporter is Paul Reynolds.